CBT&A Course

CBT&A Course

Competency Based Training & Assessment Course Driving Schools Adelaide

Option 2: Competency Based Training & Assessment Course

This testing option allows you to undertake training with a CBT&A Authorised Examiner. All training with your authorised examiner is in accordance with the Competency Based Training course, found in your Driving Companion.

Throughout the course, you will be tested on various driving tasks, and as each CBT&A task is completed, your Authorised Examiner will record it on your task completion forms.

To complete the CBT&A course you will need to demonstrate successful performance of all 30 tasks within the course. From here, a Certificate of Competency will be issued. This certificate will allow you to obtain your provisional license provided you have completed the required 75 hours of supervised driving and have completed the hazard perception test.

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  • Motor Driving Instructors cannot assess and sign-off on driving tasks as complete, only an Authorised Examiner can do so.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning refers to training delivered by a third party. All CBT&A assessments must still be undertaken; however, if you obtain the skills and knowledge, it skips the requirement for the current Authorised Examiner to provide training before evaluations occur. Any time throughout your CBT&A course, you may choose to undertake a VORT test.
  • You are allowed to change Authorised Examiners at any time throughout your CBT&A course. However, your new examiner will need to check that you can perform all of the tasks initially signed off on by your previous examiner. This process is called Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC).

The Driving Companion remains your responsibility and property and must be presented to the Authorised Examiner at the beginning of each training session to be returned to you after each session. An Authorised Person, may ask to inspect your Driving Companion at the beginning or end of any training session.

Conditions Applying To The Competency Based Training & Assessment Course:

Any learner driver or overseas licence holder electing to complete this form of training will be required to comply with the following points:

  • You must comply with the conditions of the Learner’s Permit, or Temporary Driving Permit at all times.
  • You should carry your Driving Companion with you while driving and attending any training session in the CBT&A course.
  • You must produce your driving companion on request to any Authorised Examiner, or any Authorised Personnel who may be present throughout the training session. All Authorised Personnel will display their official identification to you and your Authorised Examiner at the beginning of any training session.
  • When requested, you must allow an Authorised Person to ride in the training vehicle during any training session of the CBT&A course being conducted by the Authorised Examiner.
  • Information other than the record of driving hours which are completed by you and your qualified Supervising Driver, all additional information must only be entered in the task requirement and assessment forms by the Authorised Examiner.
  • No other passengers or animals are permitted in the vehicle while your training sessions take place.
  • For safety reasons, you must always wear the appropriate footwear when driving – no bare feet, thongs, shoes without heel support or shoes with a sole thicker than 3cm.


  1. Failing to comply with the above conditions may result in this option being withdrawn.
  2. Learner’s Permit conditions still apply until the appropriate licence is obtained from a Service SA Centre even though a Certificate of Competency has been issued.
  3. When applying for your Provisional Licence, pages 41 to 74 of the Driving Companion should be removed from the book and handed to Service SA staff along with your logbook hours and Certificate of Competency.
  4. You may have to provide evidence that your vehicle is registered.
The registration expiry date can be checked by:
  1. telephoning 13 10 84 between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday
  2. going to ezyreg.sa.gov.au; or
  3. by using an EzyReg smartphone app.