Join our Team

Join our Team

Why Join Instinctive Driving

At Instinctive Driving we are continuing to invest and grow our business and we are looking for professional driving instructors to join our team in Adelaide.
If you are working for yourself and would like to step back from the administration and marketing stress of running a business then Instinctive Driving maybe the opportunity you are looking for.

Below are some of our incentives:

  • Great hourly pay rate
  • Weekly clients secured for you
  • Benefit of including your own clients into your schedule
  • No paper work or marketing required
  • Set your own times
  • Potential instinctive Driving vehicle
  • Instinctive Driving shirts, cap and business cards

About us

Our journey began over 12 years ago. During that time we have assisted thousands of young and mature drivers to gain their P Plate licenses.

We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive organisation. Our customer service is a key to our ongoing growth and success in this industry.

From our experience we have established a detailed driving plan for our clients. We always begin with an assessment lesson so we can observe the confidence of the driver and then advise on the best way to reach the goal of gaining a P Plate licence.

We are a preferred provider for Autism SA & MPOT. We understand that every client is different and we provide individual plans so everyone can reach their ultimate goal.

At Instinctive Driving we are a well organised, courteous and professional driving school.

Instinctive Driving

Tony Loughhead, Director

Our Driving Lesson Structure

At Instinctive Driving we always start with assessing your driving ability and confidence behind the wheel of a vehicle. We will then discuss with you the best course option for you.

OPTION 1 – VORT (Vehicle on Road Test)
OPTION 2 – CBT&A (Competency Based Training & Assessment)

You will have 2 options to choose from including VORT or CBT&A log book method. We have pay as you go for both courses and then the final test. You will also be able to combine the package and make payment at one time.

Once you have achieved your goal of gaining your P Plate licence you may like to further your driver education with a Defensive Driving Course. This 1 day course is great for young and mature drivers.

At Instinctive Driving we believe there is a gap in driver education after successful completion to gain your P Plate licence and then driving on your own or with friends in the open roads of South Australia.

Experienced advanced driving instructors will teach you many life saving lessons in both theory and practical activities.

Lesson Options – Assessment Lesson

Lesson Options – VORT Lessons

Lesson Options – CBT&A Lessons

Online Booking Process

Booking online lessons is simple and easy for our Instinctive Driving customers. We have developed a system where all our
bookings, payment and team schedule is online.

View the steps below to see how easy it is:

1. From the Instinctive Driving website Click “Driving Lessons” or “BOOK NOW” to get started

2. Choose the lesson and click “BOOK NOW”

3. Select date and time and click “CONTINUE” to complete

4. Input customer details, credit card and click “SUBMIT”

Email Confirmation

Once the customer has made an online booking they will receive an automated email with their appointment details of payment.

Our team will also be notified and the appointment will automatically be added to the schedule.

The lesson time will also be automatically blocked so that date and time is never double booked.

Customers will receive notification the day before their  appointment by email and SMS to ensure they do not forget  their driving lesson.

Benefits of Booking Online

To make Instinctive Driving appealing to new teachers we wanted to make as many parts of the business as automated as possible. Our aim is to provide you with more time for yourself and your family.
Here are the key benefits that will assist you when you are part of our team:

  • You will see your appointment schedule live, daily, weekly and monthly online
  • You can block days or hours that you are unavailable
  • Customers will be able to specifically select you as their driving instructor
  • Customers will automatically receive a receipt of payment and appointment date and time after making a booking
  • Customers will automatically be notified the day before their driving lesson with you by email and SMS
  • You can use the online booking system to manually book one of your customers
  • All paper work and chasing payment will never be necessary again

Is Instinctive Driving right for you?

Everything we do at Instinctive Driving has to be of the highest standard. The way we present to our customers with our uniform and vehicles has to be professional. We must always be on time with a very positive frame of mind. Reliability is essential.

Most importantly we must have the knowledge and dedication to teach these young drivers the art of driving safely on our roads and prepare them to be P plate drivers.

If you really enjoy this industry and if you want to be part of a professional and well organised team, without the stress of sales, marketing and the paper work that goes
with that, then Instinctive Driving can be a business change for the better.

Thank you and we look forward to your contact. Tony and the team at Instinctive Driving.

If you would like to download “Join our Team” as a PDF, please click this link.

Contact Us

Tony Loughhead
0449 199 439